Services of the customs broker

Any organization which once faced customs registration, knows that customs registration of the goods is not  a simple procedure, and a chain of the difficult interconnected operations. For their performance the knowledge not only customs, but also other areas of the legislation (civil, tax) is necessary.

Even to the enterprise with a wide experience of work in the sphere of foreign economic activity, sometimes it is difficult to consider all subtleties of observance of customs formalities. With it it can be helped by the specialized organization having experts, had training necessary vocational training, and material resources — the customs broker.

The customs broker relieves the participant of foreign trade activities of difficult operations on customs registration, and makes it from own name that keeps to the enterprise a lot of time, preserves it against various penalties for violation of customs rules, unreasonable payments for idle time of cargoes in warehouses of temporary storage.

Main objective of work — the fastest and correct customs registration of any external economic transactions.

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