About the company

Co.Ltd AFT is presented on the market since 1996. We  are working in the field harvesting of mushrooms and berries for more than 28 years.

The firm, which has the name of a reliable company, acknowledged among other companies, has earned the trust of customers and partners.

Our company is located in Lida, Grodno region in the north-western part of Belarus.

The main activity of the company is purchasing, processing, sale of mushrooms and berries.


We can offer:

  • Fresh mushrooms and berries
  • Dried mushrooms and berries
  • Brined mushrooms
  • Frozen mushrooms and berries

We  can  additionally offer:

  • International transportations

The staff of our company is small, but every employee is a qualified expert in his field. We appreciate the initiative of employees and consider every suggestion made by them. Long-term joint action, trust and respect for each other can achieve excellent results.

Ltd "AFT" has its own manufacturing facilities for the processing of mushrooms and berries, refrigerator-freezer center.  We are continually interested in new technologies and introduce them into the production process. Annually increasing harvesting and processing.

Harvesting of mushrooms and berries are produced in an ecologically clean areas of Belarus. Our products meet European Union standards.

 We take into account the needs and wishes of all our customers.